Whatever Tomorrow Brings

I posted this on Instagram last night and thought I would share it here as well.  We are at a turning point that I have been thinking about for a few days now and hoped to put together a proper blog post about it.  But time did not allow so between getting myself ready for bed and feeding the baby one more time for the night, I typed this out on Instagram while I had the chance.
Brent goes back to work tomorrow after an epic seven weeks of family leave. I am so thankful for this time we've had for our little family. Besides tackling my first day alone with baby and Brent having to adjust to going back to work, this small window of time of just figuring out our son is coming to an end.  While surely tomorrow won't bring all the answers, Brent going back to work means our next step is heading to move to Virginia (and we're not quite sure what that all looks like yet). All day I've been trying to take in this moment where the future still seems unknown and I want to remember what this time felt like. And ironically I was doing the same thing just two months ago about my time with just Brent and I before the baby came. And yet here we are.  Our barely established new normal is going to be rocked again. So tomorrow I am going to give myself a lot of grace with this baby because more stretching, trusting, and waiting is in our future.
It is weird to be at a place where you know change is coming but you are not really sure what it is going to look like.  That life will never be the same.  As Brent and I chatted over dinner and ice cream last night (one last hoorah before he goes back to work), we talked about the past year and how it has been full of so many new things.  Nine months of being pregnant, deciding we were going to move for his job, having a baby, and now preparing to move.  And I imagine this next year will continue to be full of new adjustments once we move and continue to get to know our baby boy.

We don't have all the answers of what our future holds but we have each other.  I'll admit that I am a bit sad and nostalgic about this life we have built here together in our home.  Leaving it is still so hard to wrap my head around.  But we sense that leaving is the right choice for our family in this season so we move forward trusting our next adventure together is just around the corner.