Driving Cross Country

Our little adventure to Virginia continues.  While we try to finalize ourselves and our home to move, get through escrow, rent out the house, and pack for temporary housing, we are also planning our trip to get from California to Virginia.

Our adventurous spirits couldn't help but take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to drive across the country for our move.  Given the extra time we have to move along with the help from my husband's company to relocate, we are excited to make the most of this unique travel opportunity.

We are still figuring out the details but I put together a little tentative itinerary for our trip.  We have just a few days of all day travel but are trying to keep most of our days to 3-4 hours of drive time.  We will be driving our own car and pulling a trailer of a few things we will want immediately when we arrive in Virginia (our other belongings will be in storage until we can move into our house). 

We plan to take just under two weeks to get there and will be staying in hotels overnight.  It is a little crazy with a three month old but we decided the opportunity to visit parts of the country we may never have the chance to see was worth the extra challenge of driving a little one across the country.  We are excited for the memories and bonding time for our family right before we start settling in to our new life in Virginia. 

Below is our planned stops so far and I would love any input on suggestions of things to see, places to eat, where to stay, or any helpful advice for our little family of three as we drive through the following locations:

Nevada - Las Vegas / Hoover Dam
Utah - Zion National Park / Bryce Canyon National Park
Arizona - Antelope Canyon / Page / Horseshoe Bend / Grand Canyon / Four Corners Monument
New Mexico - Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Park / Santa Fe
Texas - Fort Worth / Dallas
Arkansas - ???
Tennessee - Graceland / Memphis / Nashville / Great Smoky Mountains

You can follow along with our cross country adventures over on Instagram in the next coming weeks: @domesticfash // #urkescrosscountry