Fred, Wilma, and Bamm Bamm | Flintstones Family Halloween Costumes

We are on the road somewhere on our cross country road trip this Halloween.  So since I had no idea what our plans for this day would look like, I was determined to try to make our son's first Halloween costume before we left. 

I was full of good intentions the week before we left but the reality ended up being an entire week of getting our house ready to rent and leaving a week later than planned.  Yet somehow on the day before we drove away, both grandmas helped me whip up a Bamm Bamm costume in between crying and goodbyes.  No promises we will be wearing these costumes on Halloween but at least I have proof I made my first child his first Halloween costume!

The Bamm Bamm costume is simple in design.  I used felt to cut out the pieces and sewed them together.  It felt stressful as I was trying to cram in the project during an already busy time.  But in reality it would only take an hour or so to whip together.  And because this three month old likes to flail his legs around, these skull and cross bone diapers seemed like a good fit to the whole look.

We've been wearing our Fred and Wilma costumes for years now.  It's the only costumes I have ever made for us and they just seem to work at some point each year.  They are the easiest costumes to pull together so it was fun to keep on creating the Halloween Flintstone tradition.

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