A Season To Just Be

Hello friends!  Long time no blog post!  I am here...we are in Virginia.  We are finally in our new home.  And we are going into week three and are still tackling the overwhelming task of unpacking.  

I have so much to share yet no time or energy to do so.  With Christmas just around the corner I am afraid that this lack of time and blog posts will only continue.  So bear with me as I take things slowly for the next few months.  

This post popped up in my Facebook feed from two years ago.  While it is another busy holiday season, this year is especially different with a new baby and having just moved across the country.

Last week I had my first melt down since we moved.  I felt overwhelmed.  I took a little break from trying to be super productive and allowed myself to rest.  Since then I have come up for air, am slowly making progress, and am seeing our new home start to come together. 

But seeing this post come up in my feed was just the gentle reminder I was looking for.  While I see photo after photo of friend's holiday decorations being put up it has been hard to not feel frantic trying to catch up with everyone else.  Especially from afar I often feel isolated from what is going on in the world. 

We live in the sticks and with a baby and unpacking I am spending the majority of my time at home.  We need the quiet.  We need consistent nap times.  And we need to continue to make slow progress here.  And yet I still feel the pull to move faster, to get more done, and to fully enjoy this holiday season by rushing to get things finished.

But there will be time.  There will be time to decorate.  Time to celebrate.  Time to make memories with our first born on his first Christmas.  But today, this past week, and I am sure for many more days to follow - I need to allow myself to just be.  I need to let this crazy, stressful, big move mold me.  I need to let it do what it needs to do to our little family and how it will shape us for years to come.  There will be more Christmases.  But I will never get back these chaotic yet quiet days at home with my baby and my husband.

Let's say no to the frantic this holiday season.  Let's simply enjoy it at our own pace - not the pace of others.  Let's let this season mold us, change us, and bring new life for years to come by making time to just be.