Finding What Works As A New Mom

One of my biggest challenges as a mom so far has been to trust my gut with what I know is right.  It is so easy for me to overthink things, question what I am doing, and overdo the internet research trying to figure out what is best for my child in that moment, when in fact I already have a pretty good idea of what I should do.  Usually I am just looking for some sort of validation.

I hope that this is a worry that dies down at some point, as taking care of a newborn is new and daunting.  But I am afraid it will only go away if I choose to let it.  There is a proper amount of research and learning that is to be done with taking on anything new.  But once I figure out what works, I need to stick with it and stop questioning myself so much.

It was my mother's intuition that got us to the hospital earlier than planned only to find out that our baby needed to be induced.

It is in talking with friends that I realize that what we are doing for our son to get some sleep is both normal and good for him.

It is in his smile and giggles that remind me that he is a happy and healthy baby - even though he keeps mommy up all night!

Over and over my choices are validated that I am plenty capable of making the right decisions for our family.  That overthinking and trying new things just for the sake of trying them isn't gaining me any progress.  I need to stick with what I know and simply enjoy this time.  Worrying only steals the joy of these early days with my son.

Besides caring for our baby boy, I often question my own decisions when it comes to other areas in life, particularly my health.  Am I getting enough nutrients?  Is this the most effective workout plan?  How can I prevent getting sick when everyone is coming down with a cold?

One health area that I have to deal with is being a year-round cold sore sufferer.  I get them typically in the winter but as well as when I am overtired, stressed, or catching something.  Currently I am getting them with my lack of sleep because of a newborn!

There are a lot of medicine wives tales out there on fighting cold sores, but I am a big believer in the wonders of true medicine.  I have a lot on my plate as well as some sleep to catch up on so I don't have the time to try things that don't work (Like putting an iced battery on my lip! Yuck!).  Instead I want relief that actually works which I find in Abreva®.  It fights with medicine and not myth!

I think it is so important to find what works and stick with it.  As a brand new mom it is even more vital that I use my time and resources more efficiently. Abreva® has saved me the headache of trying things that don't work.  I have much more important things to consume my day, including a crying baby calling for my attention (the baby is literally waking up from a nap as I write this!).

My new mom motto is to find what works and stick with it.  It is keeping me sane, helping me relax, and keeping cold sores at bay!

Abreva® is the only FDA approved OTC product to shorten the healing time of a cold sore.  When used at the first sign, Abreva® can heal a cold sore in as few as 2.5 days*.  Most other products only provide temporary relief of cold sore symptoms.  Abreva® is available without a prescription in the cough/cold aisle in all major Drug, Mass, and Grocery retailers.  Find out more about Abreva and Fight with Medicine not Myth on their website!

*Median Healing Time 4.1 days.  25% of users healed in 2.5 days.

Abreva: Website | Twitter | YouTube

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