Our First Party in Virginia

A few months ago we hosted our first party in our home in Virginia.  It was a work event for my husband's company - a casual get together over dinner to show appreciation for the hard work everyone had been putting in.

We hosted the event at our home while another couple (a former caterer!) provided all the food.  To be able to get our home ready without the stress of having to prepare any food was a dream come true!  Plus it helped me ease back into entertaining since moving.

While the event was not fancy, we still wanted it to feel nice.  So we went with white table cloths and used all of my serving platters.  We had originally planned to eat outside which helped motivate us to get our outdoor lights hung up.  But unfortunately it ended up raining which brought the dinner inside.

Not knowing quite how many people would attend, I had to get creative with seating indoors.  After what seemed like a days worth of rearranging, I finally fit all our tables and chairs inside!  It was like old times (specifically that one Easter it rained!).

I cut a few greens from the yard for each table and called it a day!  The beautiful and delicious food ended up stealing the show after all!

We ended up leaving half of our folding tables and all our large round tables with my parents before we moved.  We weren't sure if we wanted to drag all of it across the country with us.  Yet here we are wishing we had brought them!  Proof that the entertaining bug is in our blood!

Since I was not preparing the food I had to guess at how to lay it all out.  It ended up working out fine but was a little crowded.  Next time we do buffet style I think I would like to have all the food on one large table.

We finally got our touch faucet installed and it has been so nice to have again.

And of course my little helper was around.  He did not seem too interested in my table placement!

The event was back in May and it is crazy to see how much our little guy has grown since then!  He looks so tiny!

I had recently finished up a few projects before the party including this family black and white gallery wall up the stairs.  I have always dreamed about a gallery wall in a stairway but did not think that we would have lived in a two story house at this point in life.  It makes me very happy to see these sweet photos on display.  Since then my mom painted the hallway for us and it is now white.

The food was absolutely amazing.  People could not stop talking about it.  From now on I want all our parties catered (in my dreams)!

Our friends even made this lemonade that tasted like no lemonade I have ever tasted.  It was amazing.  It may look simple but it was spectacular.

So we did it!  Our first party in our new home.  It was a wonderful way to extend our appreciation and hospitality that was also good for our spirits.  To me there is nothing like enjoying others in my own home.  It truly speaks to my soul.  I may not have the energy to do it as much as I used to but I do look forward to doing it again!