Summer Around The Farmhouse

Summer is our last new full season here in Virginia.  Come the fall (specifically November) we will have been here for a whole year and have experienced every season (crazy how time flies!).  While summer had it's hot and humid moments, there was actually quite a lot of nice days as well.  Add in a few rainy days to break up the summer heat and I would say we handled our first summer quite well.

These pictures were taken back in May while my mom was visiting.  While the baby napped, we spent the afternoon cleaning up the garden and taking in all the green.  It really is quite spectacular how green everything stays throughout the whole summer (we were so used to all the dead grass in California).  While I am not a huge fan of the humidity, it definitely was kind to our garden.

Brent finally got a riding lawn mower so he can tackle our large yard.  It was taking him about three hours with the push mower!  Yikes!

One of my favorite features to the yard is this rose bush behind the porch swing.  Such a pretty and intentional little corner.  Thank you previous owner for being so thoughtful!

This is the view from the porch swing.  On the cooler humid days it almost feels like I am in my own tropical oasis!  I like to pretend I'm in Hawaii!

I painted this little "Urke Farm" sign at our old house for our mini backyard garden we had for a few summers.  It feels fitting to have it hanging up in our new farmhouse.  While there isn't any real farming going on, it is fun to have up!

While the trees have substantially slowed down our internet connection (!!!), they are truly a beautiful feature to our home.  We feel really lucky to live in a home surrounded by trees.

Summer has been pretty good to us.  I am excited to experience the coming of fall very soon!