Simple Organizing: Clutter Confessions

I love having a tidy home.  But the reality is I have clutter just like everyone else.  I make piles.  I stuff closets.  I have a TODDLER (enough said).

So today is a bit of a confessional.  I am inviting you into my home - not just for the pretty and styled - but for a little taste of reality.

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First up is my office.  And this is actually on a fairly good day.  The fiddle leaf fig acts as a diversion but you can see our file box that literally has no home since we moved in over a year ago.

Two containers of chalk paint to repaint my desk which I also bought many months ago.  I keep moving it from my desk to the book shelf hoping the desk will one day magically paint itself!  And the rest is just everyday clutter - pants that need hemming and random stuff that needs to be put away.

We recently got a new cabinet for the other side of the office (which I love!) and moved the table that used to be here down to our basement guest room.  

And while the table is cute and styled, the inside could use a little help!  This is all of my son's sensory activity/craft supplies that I have started to collect.  I think a little organization is in order!

Everyday throw pillows and laundry...just because.

Here are a few photos of our upstairs guest room.  It's all tidy and ready for guests...

Until you open up the closet!  We used to have this closet fairly empty so that guests could actually use it!  But slowly over time more things just got stuffed inside.

This California girl blames the East Coast that winter jackets must be readily available half the year!  We might even get snow again this week!

So my goal is to get this space cleared out.  Read about our cross country move here.

I am hoping to somehow get our luggage stored in our master bedroom closet (pictured below).  Yikes!  Wish me luck!  See a tour of our master bedroom here.

While I pride myself in having a tidy home, the truth is I have clutter that I know can be improved.  I believe we all have a different level of tolerance when it comes to how organized and clean our homes are.  But I think that most of us can agree, no matter our level of tolerance, that there are areas in our home that we would like to bring more order to.  

My friend Melissa from The Inspired Room just came out with a new book called Simple Organizing.  Just like all her other books, it is filled with the most beautiful photos of her home along with realistic and tangible tips on how to organize your home.   

I have followed Melissa's blog for many years and her style has always been one of my favorites.  While I love finding (and sharing) inspiration for my home online, there is nothing quite like being able to hold a book in my hand to read.  

As I have been reading her book the past few weeks I literally stop reading, put in my bookmark, and go tackle a spot in my house.  Her ideas and suggestions are so helpful that I am actually making changes in my home and not just pinning them on Pinterest for "later".

If you are looking to streamline your stuff and get a little more organized this Spring then pick up Simple Organizing!  It will be the motivation you need to finally tackle those closets, table tops, and bins of stuff lurking around the house. 

And if you are looking for even more motivation to get things in order you can also join the Simple Organizing "Get Organized Challenge" - a free four week email series!

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