Family Easter Baskets

Last year for Easter we began the tradition of Easter baskets with our son (you can see some of our Easter photos here).  For years my husband and I would put together baskets for each other but we took a break and focused on our son last year.

So while putting together a sweet and fun Easter basket for my son is a bit of a mommy dream come true - I still longed for that care and effort I put in towards my husband.  So this year we have family baskets for everyone!  And I have no shame in putting together my own basket.  When mama does all the work she's allowed to get what she wants in her basket!  wink

Life seasons vary and last year was all about the baby.  But this year I am feeling more inspired to pour more into my marriage.  And logistically I have a bit more time and energy to spend doing so.  These simple Easter baskets aren't much but to me they are a reflection of change that is going on in my own heart.

For my husband he is getting lots of candy, a plastic measuring cup for motor oil he wanted (???), and some new simple packaged t-shirts.  I picked up these little wire baskets from Walmart (they were actually cheaper than the basic Easter baskets!).  I figured they would store better with no handle (I doubt we will be hunting for eggs with them any time soon!) and I figured I could use them for other things if they don't end up being forever Easter baskets.

I am getting the Netflix Gilmore Girls series on DVD.  I'm sure I have mentioned this before, but I watch the entire Gilmore Girls series probably about once a year and I currently have two seasons left.  I am very excited to add the new series to my yearly binge session!  I picked up some grocery store plants to fill the majority of my basket and added a little candy to fill in the rest.

For our son he is getting some cute wooden cars, play-doh, books, a new stuffed fawn, mini construction trucks, and I added an old stuffed animal bunny just to make it more Easter-y!  I shared more about his Easter basket in this post but it is from Pottery Barn Kids.

// I would love to know what Easter traditions do you have in your own family?