Another Backyard Dinner Party

Well it may seem like I just shared a backyard dinner party...because I did!  But as I mentioned in my last post, I just finished a year's worth of photo editing so I am playing a bit of catch up!

Last fall we hosted another backyard dinner party for my husband's work.  It was earlier in the season so the weather was a little warmer.  I believe it was our first backyard gathering (besides our son's birthday) so it was extra special and fun.  We had finally hung up out backyard lights from our old house so it was all very exciting.

I keep repeating myself - but these little pumpkins I haven't used in our home for decoration for a couple of years now.  But I like keeping them around for fall themed gatherings like these.  It is nice to have a few extra things on hand that don't add a ton of space to my fall storage bin.

Since it was still on the warmer side, we had our outdoor umbrellas still out - which were also semi-new at the time. 

We left about half of our tables and chairs back home with our parents thinking we wouldn't have a need for them.  And we regret it every time we set up for one of these gatherings!

Our friend and former caterer serves up the best food for these work get togethers.

I try to keep the centerpieces simple with some cuttings from our yard.  And I am learning to keep them on the shorter side so people can see each other (lesson learned from this specific party - when I start seeing people move the centerpieces!).

I can't take credit for this cute flower arrangement.  It was a hostess gift brought by one of our guests.  But I am very in love with this green mason jar vase.  Get yourself one if you get the chance.  It is a lovely contrast to the flowers.

Our son was fairly new to walking so he was having the time of his life wandering around and getting plenty of attention from everyone!

We start these work parties fairly early in the evening as everyone stops by right after work before heading home.  So the event was already winding down by the time the sun set.  But it always is my favorite scene of the night - even if it is enjoyed while cleaning up.

Another successful party for the books.  It is always such a blessing to open our home to others.  And specifically in this case - as an extension of appreciation for the hard work these men and women do at their jobs.