Baby Girl's First Easter Photos

We will be celebrating our first Easter this year with our sweet baby girl.

I wanted to take a few pictures with her first Easter basket like I did with our son.  And we also took her to see the Easter bunny (which our almost 3 year old wanted nothing to do with the scary bunny!).

It was so cute to see her sit up like a big girl for these photos (propped up on pillows!).  She wasn't quite tiny enough for the whole baby sleeping in a basket but not old enough to be sitting up on her own.  It was a little bit of a challenge to get a couple good pictures but I am happy with the few that we got.  Poor girl!  She was a good sport!

Here little face is too much!  Such joy this little doll is to our family (and to my dressing up a baby needs!).  Happy first Easter sweet girl.