Thoughts On Aging Gracefully

I spent many of my pre-married years, preparing to be a wife. I then spent my early years of marriage, taking care of my nephews, learning to run a home, and ultimately preparing to become a mother. While I am not perfect at either, I did do my homework. And what a blessing it was to prepare for such important seasons of my life.

While my children are still little, my husband and I are on the older end of the norm. I am officially heading into my late 30's and my husband has already hit 40. While most days I don't quite have a grasp on how quickly time seems to go by (especially after children), my aches and pains from childbirth do remind me I am not so young anymore.

An older friend of mine was sharing that her and her friends were working on aging gracefully. I loved the concept and some of the things she shared with me that it prompted me to search for some thoughts on my own. How do I want to age gracefully?

And I stumbled on this wonderful article and jotted down a few notes I wanted to remember. While I still have many years before my children are even old enough to be somewhere on their own, I want to start aging gracefully. To practice these goals now so that when the time comes for children to grow up and for me to grow old, that I will have a few good habits under my belt.

"Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art."
- Eleanor Roosevelt

Thoughts on aging gracefully:

+ pray for wisdom

+ be loving and forgiving 

+ faithful to God and my husband

+ a woman of Godly purpose

+ serve others

+ choose Biblical priorities

+ a good steward of my time

+ live in light of eternity

+ leave a legacy to my children and grandchildren


"For the unlearned, old age is winter; for the learned, it is the season of harvest."