Off To Space: Preschool Lesson Plan

Our space loving kid and I had the best time learning all about space for the week during our space themed preschool unit. It was a time full of reading, creative activities, and pretend play. Just perfect for my high energy little guy!

D A Y // 1

+ Read Roaring Rockets
+ Make popsicle stick rockets - glued popsicle sticks to a piece of paper, colored, and added cut out construction paper
+ Watched Planet Cosmo - Learning Planets on YouTube

D A Y // 2

+ Read Hello, World! Solar System
+ Make paper bag stars - cut stars out of paper bags and painted, stuffed with excess bags, used colored tape to stick sides together

D A Y // 3

+ Read The Berenstain Bears On The Moon (a book from my childhood!)
+ Played moon rock throw - crumpled up aluminum foil into balls and threw them into a basket (so much fun!)

D A Y // 4

+ Read First Explorers Astronauts
+ Built magformers rockets and played with our moon rocks and space toys
+ Rocket snack made from banana and cheese

D A Y // 5

+ Read Curious George And The Rocket
+ Toilet paper roll space shuttle craft - covered toilet paper roll with colored paper, cut out rest of shuttle with cardstock, tissue paper fire, and decroated

D A Y // 6

+ Extra toilet paper rocket craft - covered toilet paper roll with colored paper and used tissue paper for the fire