Praying For My Children


A few years ago I found a great book on praying for my children that has helped shape my prayer life when it comes to my kids. I cannot proclaim to be a super prayer warrior. It definitely is an area of my life I would like to improve but I also understand that this season of life with little ones is very different than other seasons of my life. That being said, it is not an excuse, but rather an explanation of how much I appreciated the help of this book!

Each chapter covers a different area to pray over and it is an easy read that has a guided prayer. I chose to write down specific areas that I wanted to focus on - that were personal to me and how I wanted to pray for my child. I don't think there is one right way or right thing to pray. But with this as a guide, I could pray for things that I hoped for my children. 

This may sound silly, but things like praying for specific safety of my children is not something I would think about regularly or even need to pray daily. But the thought that I have at least prayed for it once gave me a lot of peace of knowing I have taken the request to the Lord and can trust Him with the life of my children.

The Power Of A Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian

I also really loved The Power of A Praying Wife when I was a newlywed and will still come back to it as a guide for specific areas I want to pray for my husband.