An Organized Closet


A friend of mine recently watched my two big kids for the morning on a day my husband also went into the office. I had the whole house to myself (and the baby) and it was glorious! I had a bunch of things I wanted to do but realistically narrowed it down to just a few. Cleaning out my closet ended up being the main task, especially since Brent works out of our bedroom and I don't have much organizing time access.

I purged quite a few things and allowed myself one under the bed storage bag (clothes that aren't nursing friendly and a few special pieces I wanted to hold on to for now). Plus most maternity clothes got cleared out and put in a separate bin. If things didn't fit in the bag or bin, I forced myself to get rid of more.

Now my closet is streamlined, easy to get to, and everything I can wear (which is a huge blessing during the self conscious postpartum period). Plus it looks pretty. And when everything has a place I'm less likely to start stuffing things in here!

Then I watched The Resident, ate lunch in peace, worked on Powersheets, enjoyed two cups of tea while it was still hot, and cuddled my little guy! It was a good morning.