Family Of Five | Newborn Photos

I am excited to share our first photos as a family of five today. We managed to fit in a few family and newborn photos, while my parents were still around to help (at only eight days old!). We took down the mirror in our living room and moved the couch over to attempt our first real photo shoot in our new house in Washington. And thankfully we had a wonderful week of sunshine that allowed for some well lit photos.

Our little guy is now seven weeks old. And while we have come a long way from those crazy first weeks, I will admit my days are all still a bit of a blur. I feel like I am managing my three little ones well as my husband is back to work. But outside of that I do not find myself getting much done besides basic household needs of laundry and meals. I am trying to get little projects done when I can but I am feeling the urge to be online less as I crave more quiet in the midst of the chaos of this season. 

I knew that adding a third child would be encouragement to do less - which I desired. But even still, as a doer it is so easy to get pulled in to doing more than I actually want. So I am taking a deep breath and doing my best to be present. But am also retraining myself with this change. That life will continue to look different with another child in our life and I hope to embrace that in a way that leans towards more simplicity.

With that all being said, here are some photos or our sweet and energetic gang. It was a zoo trying to get these photos but we managed to get a handful of good ones (and probably hundreds of crazy ones - just hold that shutter down!). 
Thank you so much for sharing in our joy. xo

And a few outtakes...