Seasonal Thoughts + Spring Bunny Tile Mat

Okay, I am a little obsessed with my bunny tile mat. It got me in the mood to tidy up our porch and front patio. With a few sunny days underway I pulled out our outdoor decorative pillows and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of some more spring flowers. 

I am really enjoying living in the pacific northwest. These last drizzly days of winter I have actually grown to like. The cool weather climate here is a dream for me. So as I light a fire on another rainy day, I am learning to be grateful for winter.

I recently read something about how without winter there is no spring. How we need to endure long winter days, the hibernation, and even the hard things. That the promise of new life that comes in the spring is only that much more joyful when we have endured. 

I am learning to celebrate the seasons. To be more all in right where I am at instead of looking and longing for the future. It is a good place. Minus the speed of light that is my children growing up. Perhaps I am able to savor a little better because I am holding tightly to these sweet days.

Either way, I hope you are enjoying the transition to spring wherever you are. May the sunny days, flowers, and new beginnings shed light into your life.

Now more pictures of my bunny mat... :)