Baby #4 Family Maternity Photos

We are in the final countdown to baby #4 being born. It always is such a whirlwind - to feel like I am pregnant forever and then suddenly the time comes for baby's arrival. We got in some maternity photos recently, after postponing them two weeks in a row due to rain. 

The day of, I had my hair done and the kids dressed and Brent comes in to tell me it is raining again! We decided to just go for it and I am so happy we did. Just a little mist, as Seattle seems to do. A quick little session with our wild little ones and I was happy to check this off my pregnancy countdown to do list!

I was just shy of 32 weeks and starting to feel more end of pregnancy pains. It is always a hurdle to gather our crew together for photos, but we always get at least a few photos I am happy with. Then back to the couch with my jammies on to rest!

I am so grateful for my sweet family. Capturing these moments in time mean so much to me.

My sweet big boy insisted on being held like the little ones! I will take his cuddles as long as he will let me.

Our newly two year old and no longer the baby (insert tears).

And my firecracker girl. She loves one on one time with her mama.

Baby girl we cannot wait to meet you!