Life Lately: March

March was such a lovely month. More sunny days and the hope of spring just around the corner. I love all the spring holidays so we filled our free time with more seasonal crafts and activities. Here is a look into our last month.

The kiddos love our collection of seasonal books. To keep them extra special, I pack away the holiday themed books in our seasonal bin. 

And with my oldest in school, we have done some crafting with just the two younger ones. It is a new season as my babies all grow up. But it has been fun to bring back some of the more toddler/preschool type activities into the rotation again.

I also store all our leftover seasonal craft items in our holiday bins. It is always a nice surprise to find we have all we need to start crafting whenever the interest arises.

I put together an occasions bin for our Saint Patrick's Day items. It is fun to have these items all on display and easy to grab.

I am the service projects coordinator for my MOPS group and we recently partnered with the organization, Free the Girls, to collect new and gently used bras to donate to women who sell these bras as a way of getting out of sex trafficking.

It is an amazing program and anyone can donate! Since we had such a large collection, we shipped the bras. But you can find drop off locations (like your local Aerie store) if you have items you would like to donate.

My daughter was very into all the colors and designs! She was quite the helper as I photographed our donations and got them ready to be shipped.

My group donated 74 bras. The women only have to sell four bras a day in order to make a living wage. We were able to provide 18 days of work for these women. That’s over two weeks! Just from simply cleaning out our closets and drawers.

Another holiday...another tile mat.

We made these cute peg dolls at my MOPS group. I took to Etsy and Pinterest to find some inspiration for this darling girl gang I made for my daughter.

I also went on a women's retreat with some of the ladies from my MOPS group and the church we have our meetings at. It was so nice to get away and spend some time with friends.

The retreat center was just minutes from the border so we went up to Canada for a couple of hours to do some shopping! It was so much fun! Plus we hit up Costco where they serve up poutine in the food court. It was delicious and you can't beat Costco's quality and pricing!

Our easy and fun Saint Patrick's Day breakfast tradition is enjoying some Lucky Charms. I also had some gold chocolate coins to sprinkle on the table.

I have been working on the kid's shared bedroom which included this sweet collection of photos of each of my babies.

For Saint Patrick's Day dinner we started serving up shamrock shaped waffles using a heart waffle maker. It is such a fun and festive meal that everyone happily devours!

And more sugar for dessert! We picked up some store bought treats to finish off our celebrations.