Student Of The Week Photo Poster Board


My oldest is in kindergarten and we recently put together our first student of the week poster board. It was one of those moments where I was like - this is why I became a parent! haha! My mom still has a few poster boards I made as a young elementary school student that I have been studying and admiring for decades! So when I heard it was my turn as a parent to document a poster board highlight reel of my son - I was ecstatic!

Plus our son has had quite the life so far, living on two different coasts and all the places in between we have visited. It was hard to narrow down all the major highlights but it was such a fun trip down memory lane and all the big changes he endured with us from the very beginning.

For the board, to no surprise, I took to Pinterest for inspiration. And I was shocked there wasn't much to find. Or maybe I am the only weirdo who obsessively plans out their kids student of the week board! So I am here to fill a void on the internet! Inspiration for an over the top board - if you are into that sort of thing. And if not, please carry on with normal expectations of what this project should look like! My kid came home and was like, "other kids got colored boards - how come mine is white?" Because everything mama makes has a white background! haha. Poor kid. Anyways, some more photos of something you never thought was worthy of a blog post. :) Enjoy!