Spring And Summer Highlights

The last months of spring and our entire summer was a bit of a whirlwind as we adjusted to being a family of six. There are so many little things I had wanted to share here, so here they are a few months late, all compiled into one big post!

Leftover birthday tissue paper tassels hung on our mantel looked very festive. I love letting a few birthday party decorations linger when they do so in a pretty way.

The seasonal artwork is always my favorite. And a good excuse to get out some craft supplies and make something together!

We transitioned our kiddos all into a shared room in preparation for baby sister to arrive. It has been a transition to say the least!

I had to put away all of the decor on the bookshelves, that beautiful globe lamp I have had for years has been broken, the white noise and clock are now way up high, and we no longer have a safe place for a diffuser! Our two year old is a wild one and he likes to throw things. It has been about five months now and we are just finally finding a good bedtime rhythm.

We put our two year old to bed first, between 6:45-7:00 pm. Our two oldest get "big kid time" downstairs where we read stories, have a dance party, talk about school, or sometimes they just watch more TV while I nurse the baby if Brent isn't home from work yet! 

And then they head to bed around 7:15-7:30 pm. The two year old is not usually asleep yet but staggering their bed times has allowed everyone to get their wiggles out. Then quietly and calmly the two older ones get in their bed and aren't allowed to talk anymore. 

Before this they would be chatting it up and our daughter would be hanging off the side of the bunk bed like a jungle gym! It was adorable and sweet at times but often they would be up way too late. I am happy to report we have it somewhat figured out...for now!

I loved this little resurrection craft our son made at school for Easter.

We attempted a big kid table for our Saturday night family movie and pizza nights. But again, wild two year old! He is back in his highchair for probably awhile!

And the beginning of the segment - all the things I ate while pregnant in front of the tv...!

Around Easter our oldest made a bunch of hunts for us. He designed paper bags for each of us with our names and with pictures. And then he would hide stuff for us to hunt (paper airplanes, pom poms, paper straws, and candy!).

Spring break was cold and rainy but yet so lovely. I loved the time together, hitting up simple but fun activities around town. They love this colorful playground and I muscled through while being very pregnant.

Steamers and a coffee while we dried off from the rain.

In Virginia we had to drive to our tiny little post office to pick up most of our packages. A woman that worked there really took to our oldest and always was so sweet to him. Almost four years since we have moved and she still sends care packages to the kids. It is gestures like these that remind me how impactful some relationships can be. We can't always keep in touch with everyone we meet over the years, but there are a few special ones that linger. I am so grateful for them.

Doing my best to make the everyday fun and beautiful without having to do a lot of work! I actually miss that you used to have to cut these cookies with a knife. They are still just as adorable and tasty as I remember though.

I love daffodils so much. The first flower of spring always makes me so happy. Trader Joe's has bunches for a couple dollars that I like to pick up.

We aren't doing as much crafting with school and a tired and busy mama. But when we do it always bring us all so much joy. I love seeing them be creative.

They loved painting eggs that came in our care package.

I think I was intending to write a post on our paint supplies and never got to it! But here is the supplies we use. A couple watercolors, crayola washable kid's paint that I mix white paint in with to get colors I like, watercolor gel crayons (great for the toddlers), and my own paint for little projects.

We also use white cafeteria style trays, a mix of simple brushes, and some paint palettes. The kids also have aprons they wear.

I gave Instagram reels the old college try. I am currently taking a social media break after reading Digital Minimalism. But I had shared this little Easter basket candy jar and wanted to share some of the photos here. It is such an easy and cute little treat!

The hunt bags my son made us! So precious!

We also went to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle over spring break for the first time. We had a blast!

Here are our finished painted plastic eggs. They came out so pretty. I took pictures but did not keep them. My mom wanted them otherwise I probably would have thrown them away! I have learned that making the thing is the fun part. We don't have to keep everything we make.

We got a new (used) car in preparation for kid number four! A longer SUV which means I am pretty much a sea captain of a boat now! But with newer features like front and back cameras, it makes chauffeuring my clan around town so much easier. I am definitely feeling more like a carpool mom with one kid in school and another in preschool. We are spending a lot more time in the car but having a new ride makes it a little more fun. I made a back to school playlist so we can jam out in the car.

I continue to attend and love my MOPS group. Occasionally things get fancy and I have to document the moment. It is seriously life giving and where I have met most of my friends in our two out of state moves.

Our little guy turned two which meant he had to wear a mask to the doctor for the first time (until they lifted the mask rule recently). It was a rare visit of just me and him. He looked and acted like such a big kid. It was a sweet moment for me.

One of our last outings before baby girl arrived was to Snoqualmie Falls. It is not too far from where we live and has become a favorite place we like to visit a couple of times a year.

My hooks outside our front door continue to serve us so well all year long!

More big kids stuff - I let him play with kinetic sand. It was adorable and a moment of peace for me until he threw it all on the floor! I recently read this story in a parenting book about how a dad got mad at his child for ruining something in the yard. The mom responded, "we are raising children not flowers!" It reminded me that I am so incredibly lucky to be raising these sweet but rambunctious children. I'm not raising a clean house or perfect fill in the blank. I'm learning to let my kids be kids and try to choose love even in the frustrating moments.

Playing with this girl's long hair is so fun. Her first haircut is needing to come up soon. It is getting long!

A quiet moment soaking in baby girl's nursery before she arrived.

We got a new snack tray that we loved using all summer long. It is now the perfect after school snack plate. I dump a bunch of snacks and the kids devour it all. It gives me maybe five extra minutes before someone else is hungry again!

He is full on trains, cars, and anything with wheels. It is a repeat of our oldest and so fun to see his little imagination broaden. I spent so much time playing trains with our oldest. So many great memories. We mostly have pieces from Pottery Barn Kids and Brio. They have all held up really well and I love the colors and styles.

I got some new inexpensive bracelets to update my watch and charm bracelet stack. This mama one was for Mother's Day and my sweet friend sent me this gold, black, and white set while I was pregnant.

Easter baskets are always so fun to put together. I continue to try to keep things more minimal than before yet still magical and fun. I got some fun random Easter treats from Dollarama in Canada. I took some of my daughter's stuffed animals awhile ago and hid them to regift to her! She had so many and was too little to remember them. She loves them now!

The two big kids got some summer toys - a watering can and swim goggles. Both things they had been asking for. They also got mini slinkies that didn't last very long. They just got tangled and I eventually threw them away. But some craft punches were a big hit and continue to get used all the time. We got them a heart and star one. They also each got a bell for their bikes. I reuse the stuffed carrots every year for decoration.

Our little one got a sand toy set - one that we already had but in a different color scheme. The pieces get played with a lot so it was nice to get a second set.

The kids always get excited about our big holiday dinners. Plus they had the peeps in a cup as a surprise. Look at that smile! The best.

Easter bunny cinnamon rolls for Easter morning are always delicious and fun. Such happy but simple traditions.

Our over the door shoe organizer is still going strong. This is how it looked all winter - full of our snow and cold weather gear. I loved that the kids could go find their gloves or hats easily all by themselves. And this closet door is right by our front door which makes things easy to grab as they go outside.

Once spring rolled around, I switched it out with our swim gear. And now that school has started, it is currently holding extra shoes and socks so we don't have to go back upstairs to get some.

My MOPS table got me a bunch of diapers and these little outfits for our baby girl. When you are on baby #4 you don't get many baby gifts anymore! Getting these sweet and thoughtful gifts meant so much.

Spring and summer are always so incredible in the PNW. We soaked up as many beautiful days outside as we could.

Another cute gift from a friend back home. My mom said, "a lot of people in California love her!" The perfect onesie for our girl.

I tried out a little macrame at my MOPS group. It was a wonderful pregnancy activity I could do on the couch cuddled up with one of my kiddos.

Our Cinco de Mayo feast!

My finished macrame.

My mom got me this beautiful velvet jewelry box I wanted. It makes picking out a few accessories so easy and fun.

It was so fun to watch the kids fill up a pinata for a birthday party.

I was obviously obsessed with my jewelry box! Some more photos!

More pregnant on the couch and watching a Chicago show.

Popsicles on a warm day make everyone happy!

These two got to bond a lot last year with our oldest in school. It is so special to see their different relationships blossom.

Taco truck burritos is always a pregnancy craving.

And now I am getting hungry. I love this Chick-fil-a salad.

Over the summer this guy learned how to ride his dirt bike with no training wheels. A fun activity he gets to share with Brent.

When my parents came to help out before our daughter was born, my mom brought a bunch of extra flowers she had from her flower shop. I made them into mini arrangements to give to the ladies on my MOPS leadership team. It was so fun to make and gift. Took me back to making arrangements for all the parties we threw back home. I've been saving pretty glass bottles for gifting flowers.

And we kept some for the house as well.

And the cutest little creation my son made. I am amazed at what he makes!

What a full and beautiful spring and summer! Seems like ages ago now. But a gift to look back and to be thankful for the many good things we shared together. So as we enter into a new season, here's to new memories and simple special moments.