Back To School

My two big kids headed off to school in September. It was a big day for them both - my oldest was off to our local public school for the first time and my daughter had her first day of preschool. Both kids were also going to new schools so it was all brand new for me as well. 

They are both doing well and love school. We are still transitioning and adjusting as we attempt to find a rhythm that meets the needs of all six of us. It has been hard for me to not want to jump in, get involved, and be connected. Just like when we have moved to another state, I am reminded to be patient and let things naturally evolve in time. 

Right now I have littles to care for, big emotions after school, and keeping us all afloat as we enter into this time of big kid and little kid life. It feels a bit like we are all starting over. But thankfully it is a feeling I know. So I take a deep breath and approach yet another new season.

Here are some photos from our first days.

I love their matching watches and Nike shoes. That girl very much looks up to her big brother while keeping to her own spunky style.

I loved these prayers from the book, To Light Their Way. They brought tears to my eyes, in the early mornings before school. Seeing your kids grow up is heart wrenching for sure.

My oldest gets to ride the bus now and it may be one of his favorite things about school! I enjoy the walk with my crew (unless of course someone is screaming or crying, which unfortunately happens if we are rushing or had to wake up early from nap for pick up). It is just under half a mile round trip. We do have to go up a fairly big hill with the stroller. But I welcome the daily exercise and chance to get outside. On good days, we collect leaves, talk about the changes in colors, and bask at all God has created.

On each of their first days, I put together a festive breakfast table and they got to eat Fruit Loops. They call them rainbow cheerios and until now, only thought we could get them at hotels! They were very excited for some special cereal.

We have been using these trays for breakfast even if eating out of a bowl. It is a little extra dishes but it has been nice to have a place for milk, vitamins, and sometimes some fruit or breakfast type bread. The cute styling idea I got from The Mama Notes.

It has taken me a little while to get down a routine. But as for right now (until baby girl's schedule changes) I get up at 5:30 am to feed the baby and stay up with her for about an hour. She goes back down for a nap and then I make lunch, get breakfast out, make myself a smoothie, and get dressed. 

I listen to Sally Clarkson's podcast while I do this and it is such a peaceful and encouraging way to start the morning. Getting up early has been rough. I could definitely use another hour of sleep. But having things ready in the morning make a big difference in having a more smooth morning together. Plus Sally's podcast on faith and motherhood is truly helping my mindset on motherhood in this season.

We did breakfast again the following week for preschool with some updated banners and decor. It was so fun!

Plus a "smart cookie" treat for getting us all through the first weeks of school!

I had a lot of anxiety as the summer was nearing an end. How was I going to get all four of these kids out of the house on time? New schools and sending my sweet baby first born off on a bus all by himself seemed daunting. But I am happy to report all my worries have worked itself out. Both of my kids go to great schools, have caring teachers, and have started to make friends. So much to be grateful for!