Dinosaur Birthday Party

We recently celebrated our three year old with a dinosaur themed birthday party. He helped pick out the theme and it was so fun to put together for him. 

I made giant dinosaur cardboard cutouts as the main focal point and filled it in with other dinosaur details. I often look to Meri Meri for inspiration for my kids' birthday parties. I used some of their dinosaur decorations and plates. Throw in some decorative leaves and some little gold dino figurines and the party was complete! Here are all the photos and details!

Looking for more dinosaur inspiration? Check out our oldest son's dinosaur party from when he was two. Oh how time flies!

I have come up with a good birthday party rhythm when it comes to decorations. You may notice that I decorate mostly all the same places now but with a different theme. We have one big focal point, the mantel, and then the cake. It makes planning so much easier and it helps me have a stopping point.

And balloons! Always lots of balloons!

I usually buy my balloons from Target because it is convenient and the balloons are reliable. But I couldn't find colors I liked besides a balloon arch kit that came with different sizes. I didn't want to give my balloon hunt more time and energy so I just went for it. And how fun are these different sized balloons! The kids loved it. I loved it. It was a lovely limitation (as The Nester would say!).

Perching any type of animal in the plants always brings me so much joy. The kids always laugh! It is hard to not find joy in this simple silly tradition.

The cardboard dinosaurs were a fun little project. Luckily we still had the box our porch swing came in so I didn't have to hunt for a giant box. I tried to make them artsy with different colors and coats. It took me a couple days to complete and I may have permanent red paint on my black dress. But I was so pleased with how they came out!

Look at these tiny balloons! They are adorable!

And now I am pretending the dinosaur is eating a leaf!

I decided to set up our dining table with the cake and place settings. I used faux palm leaves as a runner. The gold dinosaurs look like they are on some kind of adventure and the red jeep is just the funnest detail. It may also have been our little car loving guy's favorite decoration. He quickly picked it up and started playing with it.

The Meri Meri plates and napkins are so beautiful. The kids enjoyed matching up the different dinosaurs on the plate with the napkins.

I love that giant paper cutouts can make a simple white cake look fabulous. A tissue paper tassel also helps it look extra festive.

We have a tradition of birthday donuts for breakfast - it makes the morning fun and easy. And more dinosaurs scaling the tower of donuts is like the joy of my life.

I am also here to say over and over again - focus on the details that are important to you and simplify the rest. I am all about the decorations and pictures. I don't want to be slaving away at cooking party food. So we do simple but yummy food that is made by someone else or easy to prepare.

Look at these happy faces! I did have to have a talk with the two oldest to make sure that they let their little brother come down first for his birthday!!! They obliged and were so sweet. But it often takes some pre-planned prompting.

Lots of dinosaur roars!!!

Our sweet birthday boy! I cannot believe he is already three!