A Slow And Simple Summer


People ask us, "What are your plans for the summer? Anything fun? Going on any trips???" Nope.

I know people are just making conversation. And when I overhear other people having these same conversations I hear all about camps and vacations and whatever else. Nothing is wrong with that. But for us we are going slow and simple. 

It's humorous to me because it is not what people want to hear. How boring of us! But we are going to be doing lots and lots of playing. And spending the majority of our days at home or around town. And you know what? I am super excited about it.

Summer hasn't even started for us yet and I am already nervous it is going to pass too quickly. It is tempting to fill up the days. But for us this year our priority is getting the older two into swim lessons if I can snag a spot. And one church day camp. That. Is. All. 

I had to tell myself, "Nothing else!!! Even if it's free!!!" I have even decided going into this next school year that I am going to try to not plan any family trips during scheduled school breaks. We need those low key days at home. The little school they miss for a few family trips is okay. 

Strangers often comment on how well behaved our kids are when we are all out together. And many even comment on how well they all seem to get along. Yes they have their moments and I want to pull my hair out. But I truly believe that a lot of their behavior and friendship comes from the pace that we have set. We spend a lot of ordinary days together. It's incredibly bonding. 

To a slow and simple summer. 

Here is a little video I put together last year while we had a newborn that I named Slow and Simple Summer. I think it will be our new summer mantra.