I try to keep my blogging to spray paint and hot glue...but I need a little accountability. I have never celebrated the tradition of lent before but decided I would give it a try.

I am going to give up sweets.

This decision I believe will be a benefit in two ways:

1. I am sooooo close to my weight loss goal...but the cookies and ice cream are keeping me from getting over the last hurdle. I don't need it, I don't want it, yet somehow it still ends up in my mouth.

2. The obvious spiritual element...I have not grown up with the tradition and, as a result, felt like it did not apply to me...but after reading up on it I think it will be good. As I have started my new job and taking on a tighter schedule I have seen my anxiety turn to my sweet tooth... when instead I should be turning to something else. I have learned through this season of weight loss that it isn't just about eating habits and exercising but about not turning to food as my sanity and stress relief. I know that this will be a constant life long balance...but at least for the next month I will be reminded to turn to God in my state of stress and emotional needs instead of setting my sights on sugar!

Thanks for listening...I will be back to crafting soon...the new job is going great and I love the kids but it is sucking up a lot of my energy. I have pictures upon pictures of recent projects and am trying to make some time to blog about them. Thanks for bearing with me! :)

How have you celebrated lent?