I have been busy

Painting like a maniac...I did not get called in to sub at all this week so I went crazy with all my thrift store and freebie finds...I think I painted three days straight (and am still not done)! I have neglected to take pictures so I promise those will come soon. Just wanted to keep you posted...has it been 5 days since my last post? In blog years, it seems too long...I am not neglecting you... ;)

To make up for my lack of posts I dug through my archives...here are some oldies but goodies back when I had two comments (love her and her)...a little something to feast your eyes on while I finish painting!

My recipe binder

Peach yogurt pie...yum!

Is it just me or is Spring keeping you busy too?

P.S. I am finally in the 80's for blog posts (I know, really, am I that slow? I feel like I have been blogging for years)...I have been dreaming up what my 100th post giveaway would be, well, since like post #25...lets just say I have two books I have been saving for you all (You are going to love them! So domestic fashionista!) and who knows what else...so keep checking back...100 is coming soon!!! :)