31 Days of Serving My Husband: Day 10--How My Husband Serves Me

31 Days of Serving My Husband: How My Husband Serves Me (Realistic expectations of what my husband does for me)

This is not what you think.  I was asked by numerous people to write a post from my husband's perspective on how he serves me.  Some were a bit snarky while others were completely genuine.  Though I love to people please (!!!) I decided against it.

The thing is before I was married and still a little bit today, I would compare what my husband does for me with other husbands (or men) and sometimes that would set me up for unrealistic expectations.  I even had to stop watching The Bachelor one year because it was giving me an unrealistic view of relationships while Brent and I were dating.

We all have a sense of what we can handle and what can mislead us, so because I know a long list of things your husband does for you might make me a little jealous or disappointed, I will not be offering mine.  Not because my husband never does anything for me but because people serve and love differently.

So maybe this post is not so much about how my husband serves me but rather on the expectations we have of our husbands and whether or not they are realistic.

There are all sorts of things I would love my husband to do for me but if I meditate on that list all day I will miss out on the things he does actually do for me.  Those daily things.  Those things that I too often take for granted.

So yes, I am turning around how my husband serves me into how I can serve him.  I can serve him by giving him realistic expectations.  Though I may sometimes live in a fairytale in my mind, he does not.  When he has had a long day of work I need to be gracious with giving him space and patience.  It sometimes feels like I want so much when in fact he has already given me the world.

So instead of me telling you how my husband serves me I encourage you to make your own list of how your husband serves you.  Take a moment and acknowledge what he does for you, what he gives up for you, and a life that he has chosen to spend with you.  Perhaps that will give us each a little perspective at how blessed we really are as well as a better view of where our expectations lie.

31 Days of Serving My Husband

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  1. To be honest I've been skipping over reading most of this series but this is a great post. So often we think of all the things our husbands don't do for us when really they are out working hard and doing the best they can to provide for us. Maybe they aren't bringing us roses every night and showering us with gifts but that's ok in my book.

  2. This one has been my favorite post so far. It's so true! Would I rather my husband wash the dishes or support me and all my crazy ideas. Dishes can wait while we are off exploring.

  3. I admit I've been one who struggled with the word "serve" in your topic. I get what you mean although I'd rather think of it as giving and sharing in the relationship. And this post is my favorite too.

  4. So true! It is very easy to compare and be jealous when you see someone else's husband bringing them flowers every week or buying them jewelry "just because", but every man loves in different ways. Learning to appreciate his ways vs what you think they should be isn't easy, but once you do, it feels like a burden has been lifted. The jealousy stops, the comparing stops, and you notice the little things more. They might not be as obvious as a dozen roses, but most men do outwardly show their love. You just have to be paying attention to those little things instead of wishing for something grander!

  5. I think people misinterpret what serving means. I don't serve my husband as maid or servant, I serve him with the respect and honor he deserves, and in return I get the same. Serving is a beautiful thing when is done with love and an open heart. Love

  6. I'm catching up on your posts now! I didn't have time to read them as you posted them. I need to remember this in my own relationship. thanks for posting!!

  7. Love this. Comparison drains all the love out of a relationship. One of my favorite things my husband does for me is getting me a glass of water without me asking for one, usually when I'm bogged down with work. It's the little things.


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