Our Son's Finished Baby Book

Nothing like another baby on the way to motivate myself to finish our son's baby book!  But I am proud to say I did it - with a few months to spare! 

The book is by Lucy Darling and I have already started filling out their flower girl version for our baby girl.

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I shared this book back when I was pregnant and did pretty well keeping it up the last two years.  Truthfully it was printing out the pictures that I was behind on.  But it is finally done - for now!  There are still pages for each of his birthdays up to his first day of kindergarten. 

The book is fairly simple and focuses on just the major highlights - or firsts.  I fell in love with the sweet illustrations and places for photos.

One of the handiest tips I have for keeping up with all the dates and details is posting weekly and monthly photos on Instagram.  This made it so much easier to look back and find specific information while navigating the fog of a newborn!

The addition of patterned washi tape is a small detail I really like.  It gives it a more scrapbooking whimsical feel.  I kept to a few of the same color and patterns - black, white, and gold - to keep the look cohesive.

There are blank pages in the back of the book to put your own keepsakes and choice of words. 

I used post it notes to hold pages for certain things I wanted to include - like the last page was reserved for our birth story.  That way I didn't accidentally fill up the book too quickly and run out of space.

This book has quickly become such a treasure to me and it feels so so good to have it done!  I hope our son enjoys flipping through these pages when he is older as well!  Next up - to get working on baby girl's book!

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