The Story Of You: First Year Baby Book Photobook

I recently completed our son's baby book photobook and I couldn't be more proud!  It is such a joy to look through these pages and remember each little milestone that has gotten us to our silly and sweet almost two year old.

Instead of breaking up each major event surrounded around the pregnancy, birth, and first year, I decided to compile it into one large book.  I am finding that I like the look and feel of a larger book so my hopes in future photobooks is to do the same.  Plus I imagine it will be fun when he is older to flip through and see all the big moments in one place.

As per usual, I used Blurb to make the book.

Finding out I was pregnant.

Photos we took at Apple Hill to announce our pregnancy.

Photos from Christmas where we announced the news to our family.

I included my weekly bump photos as well as what I shared each week (see weeks 5-22 and 23-40).

Our first trip to Virginia - trying to decide if we would move.  I threw up on the side of the road driving up with our real estate agent to see the Blue Ridge Mountains!

And lots of celebrations along the way.  My sister in law and I have little boys just four months apart!

Announcing it's a boy!  And our gender reveal party

Looking back at these posts I am so glad I forced myself to create these celebrations with our family in the midst of feeling sick and trying to decide if we were going to move.  It means so much to me knowing we got to celebrate these milestones with both of our families.

A beautiful baby shower thrown by my sister in law.

Our maternity photos (that we took ourselves!).

And the wonderful but extremely difficult weekend at women's retreat where we decided we were going to take the leap of faith and move to Virginia.

Announcing our son's name.  And 7-11 was his due date!

Second baby shower at my parent's house.


Babymoon day trip to Monterey.

Some photos from the nursery.

And some very pregnant photos!  Love these sweet memories of getting through that summer heat with my nephews at the river.

And then on his due date we headed to the hospital!  Two days later he was finally born!

And then we went home!

All those foggy but beautiful first days together.

Our newborn photos (that we also took ourselves!  I am a crazy woman!).

And then baby's first year.

I included all of his weekly photos and captions.

As well as monthly photos.

I was really grateful these were all posted on Instagram.  When it came to making the photobook I could just copy and paste all of the text (such a time saver!).  Though any emojis I used would mess up the text.  So note to self - less emojis!  :)

Our sweet boy turning one and some first birthday photos.

His backyard wilderness first birthday party!

And our nine months photo.

I hope our sweet boy treasures these photos and stories one day as much as we do (he better...or he can't have the book!).  But a truly special book that I can check off of my list.  So proud of this special chapter in our lives.