My Horrible Attempts at a Tassel

Let's just say I am a lazy crafter...I know, none of you are going to believe me...but I am. I like shortcuts, if I can't do something quickly then I just give up, and I don't like trying new things. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and purchase some mod podge for attempting some paper crafts...which have been somewhat successful, but a week later, are unfinished...and I thought I would try making a tassel. Back during Christmas time I bought this fun blue and white glittery "stuff" to make some sort of seashell tassel for my bathroom. As I started to create the tassel, looking at blogs for ideas, I realized there was a problem...well a few problems. I don't have fringe...I don't have some cool ceramic item to hang the non-existent fringe from...and well, I don't really feel like taking the hot glue gun out to glue items I don't even have. So I improvised...
Tie up the glittery "stuff" with floral tape.
Tie "stuff" to giant starfish with glittery ribbon.
Wind wire around ribbon as a hook that also holds "stuff" to starfish. This is me...not using a hot glue gun...

Ta-da! Well, ain't she gorgeous? She most definitely is not a tassel but is oh-so-pretty!

What are your crafting mishaps and confessions?