Valentine Banner

CIMG9972CIMG9971CIMG9970CIMG9969CIMG9967CIMG9968I made a little Valentine’s Day banner…because I did not have one and I found these little heart paper doilies in the dollar spot at Target.  I am not a big paper person…too much work and gluing.  But I pushed through, and thanks to my darling friend Vanessa, that beautiful music paper is just the vintage touch it needed (she sent me some because I kept on complaining I didn’t have any…such a cry baby I am).  CIMG9965Speaking of things I always wanted yet never use…I pulled out the ol’ mod podge.  Pretty sure I have had it for over a year and used it three times.  It hasn’t dried out yet, even leaving it open overnight along with the glue gun plugged in…you know how it is.  It’s that whole paper thing. 

And if anyone has an abundance of muslin, please feel free to send me some.  Another item I have always wanted, but never purchased.  I promise to use it within the year…or so…  I also always wanted a swing set and doll house.  Ahem…Mom…but I think that one is a little overdue.

And…side note…for those of you who are also paper challenged…I use glitter glue.  Pretty sure it’s crayola or something juvenile like that.  I’ve had it for years.  Not sure what I am going to do when it runs out.  Way cleaner than real glitter.  I’m just sayin.  You can probably find it next to the swing set and doll houses at Toys R Us. 


  1. I love your banner.. you did a great job and your right,, the music paper adds something old fashioned to it.. great job! If I come across my muslin I'll send it your way..that's going to involve cleaning so not sure at what point I'll find it.. have fun today!!

  2. That turned out soooo cute! I love banners!

  3. Oh Ashley! You're just the sweetest! I love the banner it looks great! I wish I was a lot more creative with papers... Thank you so much for your kindness. Best! Van

  4. Glitter glue rocks, doesn't it? :)
    And what a sweet banner!

  5. SO PRETTY, Ashley!!! :) The glitter glue comment was such a "duh" moment for me...I've been wasting my time with regular old glitter. The glitter glue looks so much neater!

    If it makes you feel any better, I always wanted one of those doll houses that you put together and decorate with the tiny furniture and wallpaper from the craft store. Never got one. Never.

    I live vicariously through my kids. So there is hope for you too!!! :)

  6. I'm doing dinner for Christopher and his girlfriend for Valentine's day. I think I will make them a banner.

  7. LOVE your banner! It looks like perfection!



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