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Between wanting to have less "stuff" and watching a now one year old {he is one! grows up so fast!}, I have realized that our home was pretty but not functioning for the way we live.  It started with moving the couches so that I had a more open area for my nephew to play when I was in the kitchen.  I got rid of my slipcovered couch and replaced it with a recent side of the road find.  I moved my book shelves into my craft room and need to purge some of those books still.  I also had to clean up my hutch a bit.  Long story short, this room looks super clean because I got rid of a ton of stuff.  Feels good to let go.

Hung up some recent vintage thrift pieces, letters from Hobby Lobby, plates from my plate collection, and some fancy pants {inspired by this amazing woman} chalkboard art...

Hung up my lace canvas art, added some fabric covered embroidery hoops, and more plates...I am finding I never really had many circle shaped things up before.  Loving the change!

An old ladder my mom picked up from me from her neighbor's garbage pick up day {like mother like daughter?} fills my favorite books I actually read {since you all know how I feel about reading!}.

This room is so much cozier and welcoming than before.  I am enjoying all the hanging out on the couches when we have guests over.  Having everything open allows people to linger longer and a baby to crawl around to his little heart's content.  I love that this space feels lived in and not just looked at.

During this journey of finding contentment in my home and choosing to live a life fitting to us, I have been reading Melisa Michael's {from The Inspired Room} ebook, Not a DIY Diva, and have been finding great comfort in knowing I am not alone in this.  Melissa reminds me to be authentic to who I am and to reflect that in my home.

If you are like me, and need some refreshment from the constant comparisons of feeling like your home is not perfect, you will find great encouragement from Melissa's words. 

I’m still a dreamer in search of a fairy tale, but now I’m on the road to creating
the kind of dream life that was meant just for me. In learning what it means to
live an authentic life, I am finding greater purpose, fulfillment, and contentment.
Instead of chasing a life meant for someone else, I’m endeavoring to embrace the
life I have without excuses or unrealistic expectations.
-Not a DIY Diva

Today one lucky reader is going to get a free copy of Melissa's ebook!  In order to enter, comment sharing how you try to create an authentically inspired home.  

For more information and to purchase the ebook, visit Not a DIY Diva.


  1. your home is beautiful! I just want to sit on your couch with a cup of coffee! I love it :)

  2. her phrase it's speaking to me. This is so true. I love the new look of the home

  3. This sounds like a lovely book to read! I always enjoy seeing glimpses of your home. I try to keep my home "user friendly" for my kids while still being pretty for me and my husband :)

  4. Dang girl, you rocked that chalkboard!!!

    Seriously, I want to see where you live one day that you find so many cool things on the side of the road. That just does not happen where I live. We don't even have bulk pickup day in my city!!!

  5. Inspiring. I've been on a purging quest for months now...a small home w/ 6 people: *stuff* adds up fast. Still not *there* yet but I'm making my way along...Your's looks great.

  6. Hi Ashley! I really love that chalkboard!!! And your home is lovely! Thank you so much for featuring my little ebook :-) I'm so glad you relate to it!!

    Thanks again for the feature!! Happy weekend!!

  7. I think this is a great post and a nice reminder that decor is meant to enhance our home and make it a more pleasant place for us to live. I often see beautifully arranged spaces on blogs and envision them in our house, but the reality of having a 3 year old who touches EVERYTHING and a 9 month old crawler who needs a safe space where he can play means that we have to forgo certain stuff. I miss our beautiful old wooden coffee table but I don't miss having to constantly clear stuff off it and I don't miss daily bonks on the head for little ones who are the same height as those darn corners! Someday I'll be able to do what I want with the house but for now it needs to serve us and not the other way around. Yours looks great as usual!

  8. how great. i love to keep my home welcoming and practical. we have four little ones and people in and out, so i am mellow and not worried about feet (or kids jumping or making cushion castles) on the furniture.

    love your home and ideas. such fun inspiration!

  9. Everything in your home is so beautiful. It's warm and cozy and very inviting!

  10. Oh, I just love it!! It seems so very cozy. I love the patterns on the couches, they're so warm. And I love the wall collections you've got. It looks fantastic!!!!



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