Gingerbread Making Party

Every year I get together with some girls I used to mentor at church back when they were in junior high school.  They are in their third year of college...I will do the math for you...which means I have known these girls for nine years!  It has been fun to get together each year during their Christmas break to catch up and hear how their year was.  For some of us, we do not see each other except a few times a year, so it is such a blessing that we can still get together every year and connect.  I am thankful for the bond that was made many years ago that continues on today. 

We have done a variety of things throughout the years but the routine the last few has been that I have the girls over at my house and provide dinner.  Each girl brings graham crackers, frosting, and some candy for all of us to share.  It is low key and fun.  The conversation is the best part.

It is fun to see how everyone is creative in different ways...

Once young all grown up into beautiful women. 

I love that you can peer in and see the little gummy bears chilling inside...!

I love nights that end with a heart of blessing and thankfulness.  Love you girls! xo

We also decided to make some cute hair bows that I will share with you all along with a tutorial next week!  Fun-fun!