Surgery Update

Tomorrow {Wednesday} my dear, sweet, dad is going into surgery to get a valve in his heart repaired.  You can catch up on what is going on by reading about his heart issue and his recent visit to the hospital to get tests done.

We met his surgeon last week and got all of his pre-op done.  They decided based on his tests that there is a 95% chance that they will repair the valve instead of replace it.  According to the surgeons and many people we know who have had this surgery done, that it is very low risk.  Yet nonetheless, it is still open heart surgery...and very scary...especially when you are overly emotional and often fear the worse {i.e. my mother and I}.

Despite the circumstances, I cannot help but say over and over that we are blessed.

This whole experience has been a whirlwind and extremely overwhelming, all happening very quickly and over a short period of time.  But we are thankful to gain new perspective on spend more time together and to embrace the shortness of life that it is. 

We are blessed by prayer and support and encouragement.  By real life friends and well as this amazing blogging community. 

While driving to our last appointment, while in the car, my dad pulled out his "hospital folder" filled with all the paperwork and health information he has collected.  And as he pulled it out, he pulled out a printed copy of my last blog post on his heart updates.  He started reading your comments..."Sarah said...Jewelry by Rebecca said...Erin said..."

And I could not help but have a full heart overflowing...not only do you all bless me...but in that moment you blessed my dad.  Your prayers...your words...are not being heard just by me...but they have brought much comfort and joy to my dad.

And that my friends, means the world to me.  That in that small moment, my blog mattered.  It was beyond a decorated house...but it was about community...and about encouragement...a place to share my life with the world...and for you to respond and be there for us. 

It made me laugh to hear my dad say your names...but it reminded me that you are real.  That beyond blog comments you are real people...sharing real words...praying real prayers...and caring about us like you really know us.  

When we got to our pre-op appointment, we were welcomed and encouraged by so many kind nurses and doctors.  I was overwhelmed with how much their kindness mattered.

My mom had been on the phone the last week with one specific woman who through back and forth phone calls was helping make this surgery happen as soon as possible.  My florist mom, who loves to spread love through flowers, brought her an arrangement as a thank you for how wonderful and helpful this woman has been...only for us to find out that only a few days before, her mother had just passed away...and even then, she was still at work...still taking phone calls from my mom...being available to our family and our needs...despite her own personal situation.

Over and over again I am reminded of the gift of service...that these men and women go to work everyday and deal with families like ours...desperate to see our loved ones healthy.  And they serve...and provide comfort...and put aside their lives to be available to ours.  I have never really experienced the amount of respect and thankfulness that I have for people in health care.

All this to say, I am being challenged, moved, and encouraged right now.  I am learning as someone who is not very confident in prayer, that prayer changes things.  And that when in need, our family has this amazing support group.

My dad may be getting his heart physically worked on...but my heart is being emotionally and spiritually transformed as well.

Thank you for your kind words and prayers.  They are greatly appreciated as we go into surgery tomorrow.  I will update you soon. xo