31 Days of Creative Homemaking :: Day 30--Live Your Life

creating a quality of life in your home

I love that this quote states that decorating (or even homemaking) is not about having it all together but rather creating a quality of life.  It is easy to focus on the exterior when in fact it is about the lives and souls within the home that matter most.

As this series comes to a close (one more day!) I have learned that it is not about me and my desires for my home as much as it is about making a life for my husband and I.

I will have to admit, though I have loved the challenge of posting everyday, I am looking forward to not having to post everyday about homemaking.  Instead I will be able to live the homemaking life I have been talking about.

more to life than decorating

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  1. Ashley, I've so enjoyed this series.. you have made it a wonderful and joyous thing to be a homemaker. I loved staying home when my kids were young and now I only work part-time so that I'm able to take care of my husband and my home. Being a homemaker is a virtuous thing and taking care of a whole household is a busy job. You've done a great job keeping things in perspective and showing what a homemaker looks like!

  2. Those quotes are perfect for remembering what's truly important. It is about who is in our life everyday, not for the people we host. I love the reminder!!


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