31 Days of Serving My Husband: Day 24--Train Him With Kindness

There is a balance of letting my husband be himself while still keeping house up to my expectations.  Like many wives, I do my share of trying to tell my husband what to do.  But it is not always received well when it becomes constant nagging.

Instead I train him with kindness.  With warm words and subtle reminders, I share how I do things and why I do them a certain way.  I do not tell him what to do but share how I do it.  I do not expect him to do everything my way.  But for many of the things, when I have a rational legitimate reason (instead of just wanting to be controlling!), it usually gets heard.  And in time he is picking up the house, putting things away where they belong, and I no longer have to ask. 

To live in a home that is not constantly criticizing and putting down, we each have to be respectful of our shared space.  We each desire to make each others load a little bit easier.

Nagging never got me anywhere.  But respect, patience, and grace gets me a lot further all the while keeping our marriage happy.

31 Days of Serving My Husband

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