31 Days of Serving My Husband: Day 28--Setting the Atmosphere of My Home

Setting the tone for my home--my tone, words, and priorities determine the atmosphere for my home and family.

This morning I shared this photo on Instagram.  I wrote "Embracing the quiet on this cold morning. Thankful for the simple luxuries that a fluffy bed and a hot cup of tea provide."  It got me thinking to how blessed I felt.  To be in a quite space and enjoy my home.  As I continued to think about it it reminded me of how much control I have over the atmosphere of my home.  The lamp, white bedding, cozy clothes, and tea--they were all things I provided for myself to have that moment.

When I think back to when I used to be a substitute teacher, I learned a lot about how temperament and atmosphere set the tone for how my day would go.  My words, the way I said things, and what I expected from those students determined if I was in control or if the kids were. 

The same goes for our home and family.  How I set up my home, the tone in my voice, and my priorities determine the atmosphere I create in my home.  When I think as this pertains to my husband, I consider the type of atmosphere I want to create for him.

When I worked outside the home I would usually get home around three or four o'clock and would have a few hours to myself.  If I had a long day I would pour myself a little bowl of Resses cereal and plop myself in front of the TV.  If it was a really hard day, I might stop at the grocery store for some Dorritos!

When my husband comes home from a long day I try to remember what it was like for me when I came home from a long day.  I was privileged to have some time to myself before he got home from work.  But for him, he comes home to me and our home and whatever I am in the middle of.  I want to serve him in a way that I am more considerate of the atmosphere I create for him when he arrives.  And to extend patience and understanding when, he too, just needs to veg in front of the TV before fully engaging with me.

I have the choice if starting dinner is more important that checking my email.  I have the choice to pick things up or leave laundry unfolded.  Chances are you do not have the same life as I do so maybe for you it is being okay with hiring a weekly or monthly house cleaner to ease the amount of work on your plate.  Or maybe it is purging your house a little so you have less clutter to constantly be organizing.  Whatever your time or resources provide, I encourage you to consider how you control the atmosphere of your home.  What can you do differently to create a more welcoming or cozy tone for your home for the sake of yourself, your husband, and your family?

31 Days of Serving My Husband

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  1. Love this. I try to always greet hubby at the door with a big smile and a hug. It's hard to remember in the middle of dinner sometimes, but I want him to know I'm always thrilled he's here.

  2. This is my favourite post this month! I'm a substitute teacher now, and I often think about the fact that when I have a rough day I can come home, veg out a little, and then go and focus on things around the house. My husband doesn't get that - he just comes home and has to deal with me and the dog and what's happening without getting that break. Thanks for the wonderful reminder.


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