31 Days of Serving My Husband: Day 27--Spending Our Days Off

At my husband's job he is scheduled to have every other Friday off.  This does not always happen, but when it does, its nice to have the extra day to our weekend.

I have the freedom in my work that I can spend these days with him. On occasion, we will take advantage of it and go on a day trip.  Sometimes we go and see a 2:00 movie while other days we rest at home.  And then other days we run what I call man errands that revolve around fixing a car or something of that sort.  These are my least favorite ways to spend our Friday off but I accept it for what it is.

When you are type-A like me, Fridays off are still Fridays.  My mind tries to balance my regular routine while still being flexible to how my husband wants or needs to spend his day.  I worry about working out, blog posts, emails, and eating my normal diet.  Though these things are not huge ordeals, it throws me off as a planner who thrives on a schedule.

It would be easy to stay at home while my husband runs his errands, but I know he appreciates it to have me go with him.  Going to the auto store is not my ideal day out but the time we spend together matters.

We recently were at my parent's house so that Brent could work on one of their cars.  Both of my parents were at work and so I brought my computer along to do some work online.  The day was nice so I grabbed a blanket and sat out in the driveway with him working away while I did as well.  When I said I was coming out to sit with him he responded that he would really like that.  It caught be by surprise because I often figure he is so consumed with what he is doing, that my presence did not really matter.

When we were dating I used to sit with him in the garage to keep him company while he worked on a car.  It was back while I was in college so I would write papers and do homework.  There was also a season where he worked at a motorcycle shop and I would come visit him and we would joke how sometimes girls would come by to see their boyfriends and sit there while they worked.

Looking back at our dating season, I remember that even sitting in a garage, I always wanted to be around him.  Now that I finally am married to him, that same interest is not to the same extent.  So though I may not crave it like I used to, I can still choose to do it for the sake of making him feel important as well as keeping him company. 

Even though Fridays off sometimes throw me off, I desire to give that day to be open to being with my husband even if it's just working on a car.  Some days he works long hours and when we have a busy week, we do not always get as much quality time together.  By being flexible with my agenda in order to just be with him, those days off remain sacred as we invest in our relationship.

31 Days of Serving My Husband

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