Entryway and Bedroom Updates

While I was tidying the house and photographing our new dining and living room setup I thought I would take the opportunity to photograph our entryway and bedroom.  As I was taking photos I realized that I have yet to share about our entryway in years. 

It is just a simple setup but one I love so much that it has remained fairly the same for a couple of years now.  Because the hallway is so narrow, I keep the decor minimal with just a few hooks and frames.

Our master bedroom is also a room that stays mostly the same.  Due to the size of the space and our furniture, I can only change it up so much.  Plus I love the airy feel of the mostly white room.

I occasionally switch out the decorative pillow when I am in the mood for something different.  The simple change keeps the room interesting without changing much.  I also purchased a cheap new alarm clock for my husband's side of the bed so that when he came home after a day of me photographing the room, his alarm clock is no longer hidden under a pillowcase!  The $5 photogenic alarm clock was a good blogging investment!

As a home blogger it is almost impossible to share about every little change I make around the house.  And often times by the time I actually blog about something I am changing something up again.  But it is still fun to share that sometimes it's good to leave things as they are while there are other seasons where changing something up can make day to day life more enjoyable or easier.  Either way, I love to change things but I also like to make those changes with what I already have.  It is a fine balance of letting my creative juices flow while finding contentment in the home that I have.