Updated Living Room Switch

It has been a few weeks since I originally decided to switch our dining and living rooms.  It usually takes me this long to get things right decor wise.  I move a few things around and then live with it for a few days.  It's an ongoing process that requires patience.  But usually if I can withstand the test of time, I end up being happy with the slow transformation.

I wanted the room to feel neutral, simplified, and slightly colonial.  My friend Bethany from The House of Figs interviewed me recently where I shared the thought process behind this room switch.  I did not purchase anything new but instead continued to purge my home to create a look that I loved while living with less.

It feels so rewarding (and a good lesson in contentment) to use what I have when redecorating.  It can be frustrating to look at my inspiration photos on Pinterest and feel like my home doesn't measure up.  But with a little patience in letting the decorating be a process, I am often surprised with how happy I can be with what I already own.

One of my favorite aspects of the room is the gallery wall that creeps over the entryway.  It was the last element I added to the room as the wall felt too empty for my liking.  It was more of an afterthought but ended up being the finishing touch to the space.

Besides the decor, this room has become a beloved space.  We use it so much more as it is in the main hub of our home.  Plus being able to have a fire while we watch TV is pretty fantastic!  It was a big and time consuming change but I am grateful for taking the risk for such a rewarding outcome.