Greeting Card Binder

I love saving special greeting cards - especially ones between my husband and I.  So over the past few years I have been looking for a simpler way to store cards that I wanted to save.  I wanted to have them in some sort of book form to flip through (versus just keeping them in a box) but was having trouble finding an easier way.

In years past I have scrapbooked them but the process has been too tedious for me to keep up with.  While discussing this and getting ideas from a sweet blog reader over Instagram, I recently came up with a new solution!  A greeting card binder!

I found these mini binders at Target that are just the right size to fit most regular sized greeting cards.  Then using Duck tape style washi tape (think heavy and more durable so they won't tear - the glitter ones also work well) I created strips to tape onto the cards.  Then using a hole punch, I made holes in the washi tape. 

Each binder comfortably fits about 15-20 cards.

Taping all the cards up front does take some time but I figured it would be a much easier task to manage once caught up.  Now every time I have cards to save, I just have to tape up and hole punch a few leaving one less stack of something on my desk!  

Plus an excuse to buy these inexpensive tiny binders is fun!  I tried to pick out patterns that would match well sitting on a book shelf with our existing decor.

I am also thinking this might be a fun way to keep and store Christmas photo cards.  I have been using a ring which is fun to flip through but the idea of having them contained in a binder (especially with a little one around) sounds a bit more appealing.  

Well, one less memory keeping item off of my to do list!  Now if only I could catch up on my photobooks!