Our Daughter's Lucy Darling Baby Book

I recently finished up my daughter's baby book of her first year and it is simply precious! Nothing like seeing snippets of that magical yet tiring twelve months. It feels like a pat on the back for making it and documenting these sweet moments.

I used the Lucy Darling Baby's First Year and love it! I used the same one but a different style for our son. It is pretty simple and mostly for photos. I love that it guides you with basic notes on what to write. Documenting weekly and monthly photos on Instagram also has proved very helpful for when I need to go back and find the age or date of a milestone.

At the end of the book I always make sure to leave a space for the birth story. Because it is relatively long, I type it out and then print it so it will fit. And I also printed my daughter's successful version procedure since that was a big moment in her birth story.

I know that this will be a beloved book for me and our daughter to look back on one day. It celebrates the simple everyday joys of that first year that I hope will remind us that beauty that can be found everywhere.

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