Monograms and Banners

Spell it out...your decoration that is. I love monograms and banners...there is something about words and letters that are so simple but so fun. I put away the paint and took out some paper for these recent projects...
I have not decided what to put in the bird cage yet, but until then a little banner dresses it up a bit.
I love these easy monograms. I got the idea from Joys of Home. All you do is print out a letter off the computer, cut it out, and tape it on a plate! EASY! And when you want to change it, just rip it off! No free hand, no stenciling...sounds like a dream to me!
And for overachievers...a little free hand...Simple wood cut outs from the craft store also work for the lazy crafter! You know who you are... ;)
So go dress up your walls with lovely letters...we all have names so no excuses...

What do you like to monogram?