Things I Learned While Running My First Half Marathon

1. Running a race the day of daylight savings that requires you to show up two hours early for parking = a very early morning.
2. Over 5,500 people running = a long potty line.
3_13_11 Shamrock Half Marathon1
3. It helps to wave your hands up and down to make sure your cheering crowd sees you.
4. You know a real friend when they want to get up at 5:00 am to come watch you run.
getting passed
5. There are many people much faster and more fit than you.  Don’t take it personally.
6. It feels good to finish. 
7. And to brag.
8. It is good to have friends who push you.
9. And to have a supportive husband and a nice camera.
10. Plus it gives your parents something to enjoy to take their mind off of wanting you to have children.
Finishing Time {2:04}
Would I do it again?  {Yes!}
A full marathon?  {Not any time soon}
After run craving?  {A whole bag of Dorritos!}
*Thanks so much for all the comment love and Facebook support!  It means a lot to me that so many of you were excited to share in this exciting milestone of my life!  xxoo


  1. Wow, awesome time and you looked so pretty even while running!

  2. Congratulations!!! I'm impressed.. you did a great job and to have all that support..your one lucky woman!! I feel behind,,, at 49 I just finished my first 1 mile run.. never in my life have I ran a've given me inspiration Ashley.. thanks so much!!

  3. AMAAAAAZING! I want to do a half so bad, but I am going to wait until after I finish having my kids...could be a while for me! Nice work, girl! And the time? Unbelieveable!

  4. 2:04?????????? Holy crap thats fast. You smoked my 2:30 time! YOu go girl!!!!!!!! I love, love, love seeing women run!

  5. Congrats! Finishing a 1/2 is a HUGE accomplishment. Doesn't it feel great? My only advice would be to "consider" a full while you are in such good shape...I ended up training past a 1/2 and completed a full a few months later. Never need to run a full again, but it's an amazing experience as well. Congrats again!

  6. Congratulations, Ashley!!! You should be so proud of yourself. Amazing job. :)

  7. I love the "taking their mind off wanting grandchildren" lol. WTG you did awesome!!

  8. Congrats Ashley! Way to go girlie :)

  9. That's awesome! I am super proud! that finish line is the best feeling in the world!

  10. congrats!!! that is so amazing! i have been wanting to train for a 1/2 for a long time, but i am scared!!! you look so cute in your little green accessories as well!xo

  11. Congratulations!!!! That is such a great accomplishment! Your hubby took great pictures.

  12. go you! I so admire runners! the part about taking your parents' minds off you having children made me laugh! Kelly

  13. Wow! Great time!!!


  14. Nice work! Any desire to run a full now??? That urge struck me almost as soon as I crossed the finish line at my first half.

    I had to laugh at your photo sequence of getting passed at the end. :-) I totally did that to a bunch of people in the last mile of my marathon, and looking back I feel a little bit bad about it. But what can I say... I was super excited, and inspired! It's amazing what you can do that late into a test of endurance if you feel motivated enough. (I think this is a good life lesson generally, too.)

    Yay for you!


  15. I'm so proud of you.
    I hope one day, I too can run like the win. Is my most desire goal. Hubs has agreed to get up early to do this with me once it gets a little warmer.
    Any tips on how to get started?

  16. Only you could pull off a ruffly headband while running a half - you're awesome! Congrats!


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