Valentine's Day Decorations 2012

Well, it is officially February 1st and I finally have my Valentine's Day decor up!  I don't know about you, but January seemed to fly by!

I have been quite behind this year than normal with getting my Valentine's decorations up but I have been knee deep in purging and simplifying my home.  As a result, my holiday decor reflects this.

I wanted to have fewer knick knacks and focus on a just a couple things that had bigger impact.  And I must say, I am quite pleased with the results!

A little heart wreath on our front door...which I made blog years ago...

I am really loving the hanging heart doilies I made last year.  I find that I love hanging my paper snowflakes at Christmas

It is a bit Anthropologie I think...they always have beautiful and creative handmade pieces hanging in their display windows. 

I am learning that this adds a festive backdrop that does not take away from the existing decor but rather it compliments it instead.

The first banner I made years ago and says "Be Mine."  The bottom banner I made this year by  taping doilies, vintage cards, and tying little heart ornaments to a piece of lace ribbon.

Can I just mention that I am loving my new lens...

A few little DIY valentine chocolate boxes...

Hanging all the ornaments on the chandelier is my favorite...not sure what it is...I do not even hang ornaments on it at Christmas...but I find it pretty perfect...

And just a fun little past season Target wreath in the bathroom...

Happy February friends!  Any Valentiney plans over the next two weeks?


  1. I love it all!! Man I so miss my V-day decor :(

    I thought it was so funny when you said blog years ago, that's cute.

    I love it all as usual :)
    Happy Valentine's Day Month!!

  2. Oh my goodness your V Day Decor is gorgeous! I love your style you have such a great eye for the pretties. Love it all!

  3. your decor is always so gorgeous!

  4. Everything looks so pretty! I got my Valentine's box out for the first time in a few years and there really wasn't much in there! I need to make a few things to snazz it up ;)

  5. wow!! tried to pick a fave decoration, but i love it all! :) so pretty!!

  6. Ashley I love your decor... Love the ladder bookshelf....

  7. I mean, seriously? Amazing! Love the wreath on your door the best maybe. Come check out my blog give-away? I kind of see you with the rooster towel. I rock the onions one;) XO

  8. I so love your decor each season, is like waiting for my favorite magazine :)

  9. Very nice! I am impressed by your labor of love! :D Wish we were that festive!

  10. so lovely, i heart all of the ribbon and lace and pretty paper. i'm going to make a hanging heart garland too! thanks for the early valentine's vacation. and i'm loving your new lens too, wow!

  11. Love your decorations Ashley! Especially the garlands on the china hutch. Jill x

  12. this is beautiful! i would love to attend a party in a house that looks like this!


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