Easy Fall Decor Roundup

Today I am joining Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick (link up party goes live tomorrow, Thursday) to share some easy fall decorating ideas.  Decorating for the holidays should be fun.  I know it is easy to get overwhelmed by ideas you see online and that fighting temptation to want to buy more every year.  But today I wanted to share some easy ideas using items I have had for years as well as incorporating some elements from the outdoors that are free!

A little round up of my fall decor this year:

1. Sticks: big, small, pointy, round...make sure you clean it off a bit first!  Finding sticks in your yard, at the park, and in the wilderness is an easy way to incorporate some free and natural elements to your fall decor. 

2. Craft Beads: Making a garland of beads is an easy way to add color or incorporate colors that you are using in your decorating scheme.  Neutral beads tie together the off white pumpkins, antlers, and stick to pop off of the white hutch and serving pieces. 

3. Fake or real pumpkins: I like to buy a few real pumpkins every year but also like to keep my fake ones around because they will last longer...and perhaps forever.  They do not have the same wow factor as real ones do but by being creative and tying them with other items from nature, their fakeness comes to life a little bit.

4. Candlesticks: They add height and texture to your display.  You can also use cake stands, vases, jars, and other types of varying height objects to plop pumpkins and candles on to create a pretty display.

You can find more about my fall table (pictured below) here

5. Sticks in a vase: Again, gathered from my yard and I love the burnt red color of these ones. 

6. Succulents: Indoor plants add a little color and life to a room.  Succulents are easy to care for and can be used all year around.

*If you look at the above photo, only four items out of the whole display are pumpkins.  The rest are things gathered together from around the house that add to the decor.  All you need is four pumpkins, not four thousand, to create a fall display that will add some wow to your house.  That's what I like to call easy.

5. Plush pumpkins and dried gourds: Muted tones and varieties of color give fall it's warmth.  These are items that can be collected over time to create a one of a kind display.  It doesn't look like you bought the entire thing from Hobby Lobby and allows you to fall in love with just a few new pieces each year that fit the tone of your decor.  It's less overwhelming, cheaper, and hopefully will help you be more thoughtful about each purchase and love your items more when you have less.

Read more about my fall mantel (as pictured below) here.

You can also see my outdoor fall birthday party we threw in our backyard here (pictured below).  

6. Fake things made out of real stuff: I am learning that the real stuff looks a lot nicer.  Since I do not want to buy real pumpkins, real fresh gourds, real acorns, and real everything else each year, I am looking for fake reusable pieces that are made from real elements.  These acorns are 100% fake but are made from nature.

*The acorns are from Joann's this year but everything else is from years past.